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If you are looking for Highly Accurate , Technically and Fundamentally Strong calls then you are in the right place as we are providing these recommendations for Intraday , Short term, and Long Term . You can Hire our Financial Advisor and take the consultation for Financial Planning , Portfolio Advisory too .

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Intraday Trading Tips

Strategies & Basic Rules

Always follow these 10 Golden Rules for trading in Stock Market 

Do not trade on gut feelings or on rumors and do not deal with unregistered Advisers, always take calculated risks and trade without emotions.

  • Use Small Stoploss and Higher Profitable Calls.
  • Less Number of calls but of Higher Accuracy.
  • Always Trade with us without Emotions.
  • Always hire SEBI Registered Investment Adviser
10 golden rules for stock market tips

List of Best Intraday Stocks to Buy or Sell Top Intraday Stocks For Today & Tomorrow

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SEBI Registered Investment Adviser Genuine stock tips provider Authorised by National & International Authorities

Certified Technical Analyst from IFTA

 (International Federation of Technical Analyst)

Certified Financial Planner From FPSB India & USA

Registered with PFRDA

5 Advantages of Intraday Trading:

  • 1.

    You can trade from anywhere in the world so it is the best work in which you are not bound with any office, even you can trade from the sea beaches or in the comfort of your home. 
  • 2.

    The Most Important benefit for intraday trading is that there is no Overnight Risk so you can sleep without any fear .
    Super Cool
  • 3.

    Many discounts brokers are present in the market who charge very low brokerage as compared to traditional brokers for intraday trading.
  • 4.

    You can manage your stoploss effectively in intraday which is not possible other ways of trading. Note : No one can provide 100% accurate intraday tips , so manage your risk properly as per our guidance
  • 5.

    You can use Bracket orders / Cover order facilities for Intraday trading in which your orders trigger automatically as soon as stock prices hit the entry level and can book profit on the target price.
The difference between BASIC and Premium PLANS
Which plan is useful for you
Basic Plan
Premium Plan
  • Basic small traders investment
    Basic Packages

    If you have small capital of around 1 Lac, then you should start with our Basic plan first , because you will not be able to buy or sell the stocks in Premium packages as per the requirement .

    • Less Number of calls , so that you can concentrate on 1 call at a time
    • 1-2 calls only ( daily )*
    • Less margin is required in these calls
    • * Number and Nature of calls depend on Risk Profile.
  • Premium Safe Plan
    Premium Packages

    If you have good capital of more than 10 lakhs then you should use our Premium plan as you are now able to diversify the funds in different calls

    • Everything in Basic plans +
    • Breakout Calls are Included.
    • More number of calls so that you can diversify the funds perfectly.
    • 1-3 calls  ( daily )
    • More calls mean more opportunities.
Important Features
We Cover the Following Segments
Only for Cash Market Traders

If you are a beginner then you should use this plan for the first few months in equity share tips, our best share market tips provider / stock market tips provider will provide you the share trading tips so that you will get a lot of practice and once you have got some experience then you can upgrade yourself for the Future & options

  • Only high-quality equity tips
  • 1-3 calls intraday stock tips
  • You can use Bracket orders and cover orders too
  • Cash market calls are easy to handle
  • Best for Beginners 
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Index Options
Nifty + Banknifty Options Tips

We are one of the best stock tips provider for Index options such as Nifty options and Banknifty options tips with

  •  100% Intraday  Tips
  • 100% Live Market
  • Only long calls in options
banknifty options

Stock market tips provider

Nifty Future + Banknifty Futures

If you can trade with 2 lots minimum and have a high-risk appetite then you may be suitable for this plan.* Join one of the best best intraday tips provider in India and one of the best nifty and bank nifty calls providers

  • All calls are intraday
  • Nifty and Banknifty both are included
  • Stock futures are not present in this plan
  • You will get proper entry , SL and Target Levels
Nifty future.31590717 std

Best Intraday Tips for Mcx

Gold , Silver , Crude Oil etc

Best Intraday Tips , This plan is only for High risk traders and who have more than 5 lakh and have some experience in Bullions trading, such as GOLD, SILVER etc.

  • All calls are for intraday
  • Gold, Silver, Nickel, Crude, Copper are included.
  • You will get proper entry , SL and Target Levels
mcx gold tips provider

Best stock market tips

100% Intraday Calls

We provide  stock futures calls with the following features

  • Small stoploss 
  • 1-3 calls daily (as per your profile)
  • You can use Bracket orders for saving a lot of margins.
  • Always Trade with Top 10 intraday tips provider in India
future calls provider

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Get 100% Success in Intraday Trading by using these rules. 

Here are 10 intraday trading rules that we feel can be useful when you’re learning to trade stocks and as a day trader, you can earn good profit in the stock market by using even a simple trading strategy. But Please Keep in mind that these are only the most important rules, but if you will follow these then you’ll be ahead of the curve in the long run.

  1. Follow the Market trend (Never go short on an uptrend or go long on a downtrend price movement And the greedier the market gets the more you will win. This one we call the “don’t fight the trend” rule.)
  2.  Don’t over do it and Cut your losses quickly when the price moves against you.
  3. Do not chase the market and try to stay away from market volatility & Profit booking is very important therefore take your profits when the price has moved enough in your favor or has hit your target price (An exit price )
  4. Do not follow the herd, always focus on your intraday trading strategies and Never average down in a stock (Do not add to losing positions as that will be the wrong decision most of the time ).
    5. Do not expect historical data to repeat itself exactly.
    6. Do not trade more actively when the market is down or try to avoid that trading day and always keep an eye on share price as well as trading volume in every trading session. 
    7. The trading range should be the focus and you should use only Liquid stocks.
    8. Don’t over trade and Never trade in and out of the same stock more than twice in a day.
    9. Have a trading method and choose the best stocks for intraday trading.
    10. Have a Proper trading plan.
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