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Best Stocks Tips .Com Options , Nifty , Stock Futures , EQUITY, MCX

If you are looking for Highly Accurate , Technicallly and Fundamentally Strong calls then you are in the right place as we are providing these recommendations for Intraday , Short term and Long Term . You can Hire our Financial Advisor and take the consultation for Financial Planning , Portfolio Advisory too.

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High Accuracy Calls
Risk : Reward Ratio
  • Small Risk & High Profitability calls
  • Less Calls but high Accuracy
  • 1:1 to 1:5 R:R Ratio
  •  Learn Money Management Free of cost.
risk reward technical analysis strategy
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  • Other Companies give Very BIG Stoploss and very small targets and that is why only one loss eat up all the profit
  • We Never provide BIG STOP LOSS as it is better to not to trade than to trade with BIG SL
  • 10 golden rules
Perfect Entry levels

We Provide the tips In The Format Of


You will get the call 5-10 minutes earlier

if you have to buy XYZ above 900 you will get our call when it is trading around 890-895

timing in trading
certified financial planner

Investment Advisor

Our Analyst provide only ethical Recommendations as per your Risk Taking Capacity.

Our SEBI RIA will Provide Investment Advice for NSE Intraday trading tips , Short term as well as Long term too , You can get Best Share Market Tips / Best Stock Market Tips From Different Segments with Proper Stoploss and target.


One of the Best Technical Analyst India
Authorised by National & International Authorities

Certified Technical Analyst from IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analyst) ,  Certified Financial Planner From FPSB India , Registered with SEBI as Investment Adviser ,Registered with IRDAI, Registered with PFRDA , Click here to read more about us. 

sebi investment advisor

SEBI Registered Investment Adviser
financial planning provider

Certified Financial Planner

International Federation of Technical Analysts
Advance / Algo Trading

Technical Analysis Strategies

We provide online training to our Premium clients (with our intraday trading tips )

You will learn with the help of Technical Charts , Video etc. so that you will start trading like a professional trader.

Professional traders always trade with good Calculated volume without any fear because they use the Advance strategies and Money Management Techniques

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  • Intraday Trading
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Professional Support

Dedicated Whatsapp Numbers Will Be Given to Paid Clients Only

Dedicated Telephonic Support . Telegram messenger (Directly connected with analyst).

Full support on Twitter , Facebook , Whatsapp & Telegram. Paid Clients Get the Tips by Whatsapp or SMS.

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The difference between BASIC and Premium PLANS
Which plan is useful for you
Basic Plan
Premium Plan
  • Basic small traders investment
    Basic Packages

    If you have small capital like less than 1 Lac, then you should start with our Basic plan first , because you will not be able to buy or sell the stocks in Premium packages as per the requirement .

    • Less Number of calls , so that you can concentrate on 1 call at a time
    • 1-2 calls only ( daily )
    • Less margin is required in these calls
    • Advance trading strategies will be provided with 2 months plan for basic traders
    • if you want to try our services , you can use our basic plan first
  • Premium Safe Plan
    Premium Packages

    If you have good capital like 1-5 lakh then you should use our Premium plan as you are now able to diversify the funds in different calls

    • More number of calls so that you can diversify the funds perfectly.
    • 1-3 calls  ( daily )
    • More calls means more opportunities .
    • Advance trading strategies will be included.
    • Money Management software will be provided free of cost as this is very important for trading like a Professional trader.


Important Features
We Cover the Following Segments
Only for Cash Market Traders

If you are beginner then you should use this plan for the first few months , our best share market tips provider will provide you the calls so that you will get a lot of practice and once you have got some experience then you can upgrade yourself for the Futures & options

  • Only high quality calls
  • 1-3 calls
  • You can use Bracket orders and cover orders too
  • Cash market calls are easy to handle
  • Best for Beginners
Index Options
Nifty + Banknifty Options Tips

We provide index options such as Nifty options and banknifty options tips with

  • High Accuracy
  •  100% Intraday  Tips
  • 100% Live Market
  • Only long calls in options
  • Free Money management software
banknifty options

Stock market tips provider

Nifty Future + Banknifty Futures

This plan is only for High Volume traders who have more than 2 lakh and have some experience in index future trading

  • All calls are intraday
  • Nifty and Banknifty both are included
  • Stock futures are not present in this plan
  • You will get proper entry , SL and Target Levels
  • Free Advance trading strategies
MCX Commodity Bullions
Gold , Silver , Crude Oil etc

This plan is only for High Volume traders who have more than 3 lakh and have some experience in Bullions trading , such as GOLD, SILVER

  • All calls are intraday
  • Gold, Silver, Nickel, Crude, Copper are included.
  • You will get proper entry , SL and Target Levels
  • Premium Strategies are included
MCX Commodity Tips Provider

Best stock market tips

100% Intraday Calls

We provide highly accurate stock futures calls with the following features

  • Small stoploss and Big Targets
  • 1-3 calls daily
  • You can use Bracket orders for saving a lot of margin.
  • if you want to trade with more volume then you should use our HNI Plan
highly sure shot stock futures calls
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