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This is an Highly Advance Course but we are teaching this, in a very simple way , so that every trader can learn these strategies easily. We advice Every trader should  join this course to get Advance Knowledge of Stock market

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Why you should Join This Course

Everybody has to learn first before starting any business but many traders do not learn the strategies for trading in Stock market and as a result , these People lose money because they are trading without any proper guidance and education .That is why we have Created this Course in such a way that Every trader can Learn Highly Profitable Strategies and can start trading like a Professional Trader

Who Should Join ?

  • Make trading and investing as your second source of monthly income
  • Trade to generate regular income and invest to create wealth
  • Professionally trade stocks, futures, commodity, options, and forex
  • Find with high accuracy , the turning points of markets
  • Use technical analysis to time your trades
  • Trade professionally by managing the market probabilities
  • Reduce your losses and increase your profits by risk management
  • Make money when the market falls down
  • Take advantage of the leverage components
  • Find with high accuracy the turning points of markets
  • Use stock filtering to find your trades and manage portfolios
  • Make a scientific trading plan to suit your profile
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Why we are different from others

Important Features

Highly profitable strategies to Earn in Trending as well as Rangebound Markets

  • Highly Accurate & Profitable Strategies
  • How to do Top Down Analysis
  • How to trade during sideways/balancing markets
  • Introduction to High volume and low volume
  • How to Identify strong breakout and weak breakouts
  • Trade setups for High probability short covering / Long Liquidation
  • Momentum Trading Strategies
  • Trend Following Strategies
  • Introduction to concepts like Value area, Point of Control and importance of it
  • Failed Breakout Trading Strategies
  • How to understand the emotions behind gaps and how to trade gaps.
  • When to trade – before the event/post the event.
  • Managing the Risk with Hedging Positions.

Advance Algo Trading Course

We will teach you the easy way to create an algo without any coding , you dont need to learn C++ Or python language , you will be able to create your own ALGO SYSTEM without revealing it to any coder , so the strategy will always remain with you.

  • Avoid extremely common false breakouts
  • Increase profit opportunities on all time frames
  • Master the perfect pullback
  • Concentrate on the highest probability technical analysis patterns

100% online Live Training Program.

Our Webinar will be available to access by desktop as well as Mobile , so you can easily learn all these strategy any where in the world.

  • Learn with the comfort of your home
  • Classes on Weekends.
  • Contact us for more details on info @

Trading Strategies

Please Contact us for Seat availibility & Pricing
  • Classes on Sunday
  • Introduction To Technical Analysis
  • Rangebound Strategies
  • Breakout Strategies
  • Important Patterns
  • Money Management Software
  • Intraday Strategies


Please Contact us for Seat availibility & Pricing
  • Everything Included From Manual Course +
  • Generate Signals on Algo
  • All in ONE Course
  • Useful for FULL TIME TRADERS
  • Manual + Algotrading Strategies
  • Pre Built Algo Trading Systems
  • Scan + Backtesting in Real Time
  • 100% AUTOMATIC
  • NO Human intervention
  • Highly Successful Course for BROKERS

Payment Options

Activation Procedure

  • Premium Safe Plan
    Payment Options

    Select the Package and Pay the Required Fee  :

    • We accept payments by bank to bank Fund Transfer, NEFT / IMPS / Cheque / DD  (We don’t accept Cash )
    • Please contact us on Whatsapp # +91 987 0250 956  for Bank Details after Filling out the Risk Profile Form,  KYC, and Agreement Procedures.
    • KYC & Agreements are mandatory for Every subscription.
  • Activation Procedure
    Activation Procedure
    • Select the plan
    •  Fill out the Form for Risk Profiling.
    • Once Risk Profiling is analyzed and Approved with a suitable plan
    • Complete the KYC and Agreement Formalities.
    • Pay the Fee / Payment.
    • Account will be activated after realization of Payment and KYC.
    • You will start getting Recommendations or Tips by Whatsapp .
    Whatsapp # +91 987 0250 956
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