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Portfolio Advisory Services

This Service is very useful for all types of Investors as we will give Customized Portfolio for every client .

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Portfolio Plan Features

Here We have Two Types of Clients

1. Client already have a portfolio

  • If you already have a portfolio but not earning well then Join this plan and provide us the complete details about your investments , .
  • Then Our Investment Adviser will analyze it and will Pickup the Bad Stocks from your given list which are not useful for you , and we will also provide you the Fresh Recommendations , so that you can add them in your portfolio .
  • We will also analyze the diversification in your portfolio , if you have done it correctly or not in the past , if not , then we will provide you the way to diversify correctly.

  • 2. Client do not have any Portfolio but want to start Investment .

  • We will pick up the best stocks for you which are undervalued or have a good long term trend .
  • Our Financial Adviser will Analyze your current financial condition and risk taking capabilities , holding capacity , return expectations from market and will make a Portfolio for you , which will be diversified and having only valuable assets

  • Note : You will have 100% control on your investment / money as we will only provide you the advisory services only. We do not trade on your behalf .

  • This plan does not provide goal based planning and if you want to complete your goals on time then you should join our financial advisory service for comprehensive financial planning.
  • Other Features

    • Limited Risk & Higher Profitability in each call as they will be given after complete research and analysis.
    • You should have atleast one lakh for this plan , although we prefer that you should have more than 1 lac but you can try our service with 1 lakh capital too
    • ** The recommended capital is 5 lac or more .
    • You will get User ID and password to login into our website can get all details over there .
    • No lock in period. As your stocks and money remains with you, you can enter and exit at your will.
    • Please have a look at our given performance table , Investment @ Last quarter 2018

    First 6 Months

    Rs 35,000/-
    • Half Yearly Subscription

    Renewal Pricing

    Rs 15,000/-
    • Half Yearly Subscription

    Payment Options

    Activation Procedure

    • Premium Safe Plan
      Payment Options

      Select the Package and Pay the Required Fee  :

      • We accept payments by bank to bank Fund Transfer , NEFT / IMPS / RTGS / Cheque / DD or UPI  (We dont accept Cash )

             You can Pay us by Google Pay

      • Please Contact us on Whatsapp # +91 987 0250 956  for Bank Details after Filling the Risk Profile Form
      Phone Pe / Google Pay / Paytm / IMPS
    • Activation Procedure
      Activation Procedure
      • Select the plan
      •  Fill the Form for Risk Profiling.
      • Once Risk Profiling analysed and Approved with suitable plan
      • Complete the KYC and Agreement Formalities.
      • Pay the Payment.
      • Account will be activated after realisation of Payment and KYC.
      • You will start getting Recommendations or Tips by Whatsapp .
      • You will get User ID and Password.
      • Then You can Download our software.
      • You will have permission to access our secure server pages to learn our.
      • Day Trading Strategies
      • Money Management Techniques
      Whatsapp +91 987 0250 956
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