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Best Plan for Index Traders

Nifty Future Tips 100% Intraday Nifty Tips

Best Plan for Small Traders who have less than 1.5 Lac and want to start trading in Nifty futures .

If you are beginner in F&O and just wanted to test the Nifty Future Services then you should subscribe this plan.

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Who should trade in Nifty Futures

Nifty is the index of 50 stocks and trading in Nifty future is directly related to the market trend , if you want to trade less number of calls , i.e; 1-2 calls only in a day then this plan is suitable for you .

This is the best package if you are trading with a trading capital of 3 lakh , but if you have more than 5 lakhs , then you can also apply for our Premium Nifty Future Tips Plan. (you can fill our risk profile form so that we can find out your suitability , only capital of 5 lac is not sufficient , risk analysis is also important ) There are multiple calls, therefore, you can utilize your capital perfectly as we have multiple calls in premium plan and banknifty future is also included in that , therefore you can earn more profit as compared to the basic plan , due to more opportunities and you know the banknifty has a good movement daily and even a single movement can provide you 100 to 300 points in a single day , that is why we will suggest you to join Premium plan if you don’t have any problem of trading capital but that depends on your risk profile as we give all plans per suitability. 

You can  use Bracket Orders or Cover orders for this Plan so that you can utilize more margins for Intraday using these orders

Features Of Basic Nifty Tips Plan

  • 100% Intraday Nifty future Tips will be Provided, We do not carry the position for the next day.
  • Daily 1 to 2 calls for Nifty future or Bank Nifty.
  • Shortest Stoploss in Nifty Tips will be provided as per market conditions, We always avoid trading with Big Stoploss.
  • Minimum Capital required only 3 lac ( you should be able to use 1- 2 lots)
  • Very small Stoploss will be given by us around 25 to 30 points only (depending upon market conditions).
  • No Compulsive Trading: If Risk & Reward is not favorable then we will not provide you the call on that day but you should not worry as we will extend these days in your subscription, as It is better to not to trade in Volatile Session than to take the Risk
  • Nifty Levels will be given in important days, Which are highly Accurate in live Market and You Will be Able to understand the market better, by using these Levels.
  • We usually give targets to capture 30-40 points in 1st target.
  • 100% Intraday Nifty Tips only, No Positional call, No Overnight Tension.
  • Subscribe for 2 months Plan to get  Free Software for money Management and Day Trading Strategies which are very helpful to convert yourself into a Professional Trader 
bank nifty
Why we are different from others
  • You will get 5-10 minutes to enter into the trade ( Best Nifty Future Tips ) .
  • Mostly there is one call a day as Nifty has 1 movement but some days you can get 2 calls too , it depend on market situation.
  • Every Message will be provided with Entry Price , 1 stoploss and 2 targets, as it is very important to book partial profits in intraday trading
  • We will teach you where and how much you have to book at our targets, how you have to modify stoploss, how you have to put the orders etc. everything.
  • You should have low brokerage to get more profits from the same call and to earn huge profits from our calls.
  • we give both entry Message as well as exit Messages or SMS and We follow up the call till exit
  • Remember : We do not provide any type of Guaranteed Profit assurance as it is impossible to provide 100% accuracy , But our stoploss are very less and small too that is why getting profit is easier with us. 

Advantages and Benefits of Index Trading

  • Nifty is the index of 50 Premium stocks and Nifty futures can be easily bought or sold in the NSE Exchange.
  • Once you take the position in Nifty , it means you will the return of these 50 stocks as per the composition of Nifty .
  • Most of the institutional traders use this segment to hedge their portfolio also .
  • lots of discount brokers are providing a huge margins on this segment therefore it is also possible to buy 1 lot in just 20-25k with Bracket orders of small stoploss .
  • You can trade intraday as well as positional too and can rollover on expiry dates.

Important Rules for Intraday Trading in Index

  • Do not Rely on margins , always trade as per the risk profile , so do not overtrade
  • Always trade with the recommended quantity and always follow the stoploss level strictly.
  • If we are giving you the recommedation to buy NIFTY Above XYZ levels then never hasistate to buy that on these higher levels as most of the time you will get the breakout on these levels.
  • Nifty trading or F&O trading is risky , so always follow our recommendations strictly and keep limit on your losses.
  • Please always follow our given plan to trade in nifty , never change the plan  when the trade is working due to emotions.
  • Always calculate the risk / reward using our money management software before getting entry on the trade , so that it will help you to control your emotions.
1 Month
INR 15,000 +GST
  • Final Price=15K + GST = 17,700/-
  • 1-3 Calls
INR 35,000
  • Save 18,000/-
  • 1-3 Calls
~50% Off
6 Months (3+3)
INR 55,000
  • Save 51,000/-
  • 35,000/- ( 1st Three Month Fee )
  • + 20,000/- ( Next 3 Month Fee )
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