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Best Plan for Small Traders

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Suitable for Medium Risk Traders

Best Equity Tips Intraday Cash Market Tips

Best Plan for Small Traders who have less capital i.e: minimum 1 lakh and want to start trading with medium risk only .

If you are beginner and just wanted to test the stock market services then This should be your first plan .

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Intraday Equity Trading Tips ( Cash Market )

If you are a small trader who have less capital upto 1 lakh and want to start trading with medium risk in Equity trading tips in NSE Stock market then this plan will be suitable for you , but read the given information so that you can understated the pro and cons of this segment

What is Intraday Equity Trading ?

Many new traders ask this question as they are not familier with different segments of stock market , let us provide you some details

This is the segment in which you start trading in NSE cash market , for example you can buy Reliance share , DLF , infosys etc and there is no boundation for the quantity , you can buy from 1 stock or can also buy more than 1000 stocks easily .

If you are taking position after Market open and close the position before market closes then this type of trading is called Intraday or day trading.

Therefore some traders keep the position for few seconds or few minutes and they enter and exit very fast , they are called scalper and some remain in the market for few hours but closes the position before market closes , they are called day traders .

The Intraday trading is highly profitable as you saving a lot of time too but on the other side , if you are speculating on the gut feeling then it may suffer huge losses too , therefore you must use the recommendation provided by our investment advisor who can provide you the calls as per your risk taking capacity.

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Why we are different from others

Our Features

  1. We will provide you Highly Accurate Intraday Tips for Cash market
  2. Weekly 1 Premium Tip will also be provided to you ( Premium plan has more calls and have Big Targets )
  3. 1-2 tips per day depend upon market conditions
  4. You will get our tips well before the time , approx 5 min to 10 min time ago from the trigger point (level)
  5. Calls are sent by i.e: WhatsApp or SMS all over India, NRIs will get them by WhatsApp Only.
  6. Minimum Capital required = 1 Lac This is the best package if you are interested in Cash Market (Equity) trading with trading capital of 3 lakh , but if you have more  than 3 lakhs , then you should take our Cash Market Premium tips plan
  7. You will get 3 Targets and one Stoploss as it is very important to book partial profits in Intraday trading.
  8. Intraday Tips + Positional Tips. Normally 2 Targets achived in the same days, & the last target is for Positional traders ( which is completely Optional, If You want you can hold the calls or if you do not want to take the delivery then you can Book 50% Profits on 1st Target and 50% Profits on 2nd Targets in Intraday Trading.)
  9. We will teach you Money Management & Day Trading Strategies Free of cost so that You will trade like a Professional Trader.

Advantages of Equity Cash Trading

The most important advantage of this segment is that , you can buy any quantity as per your risk profile , either 1 or more and there is no objection at all and you can also hold it as per your requirement either for intraday / short term or for long term , that is why mostly investors try to invest only in this segment .

Wherase in derivatives , there is the lot size , 3000,5000,500 etc so you can not buy lower quantity and there is also the expiry date for every contract , so you can not carry the position for long term without rollover.

Disadvantages of Equity Cash Market Trading

Everything which has some advantages that also has some disadvantages , Mostly you will find that brokers will provide you upto 10X margin on Equity trading , which means you can trade with 2.5 lakh amount with just 25k capital.

But the brokerage is higher and Govt taxes are also the issue which you have to pay if you are planning to take the delivery of this stock , you can reduce these charges by using online discount brokers because these trading portals have lower brokerage as compared to traditional broking houses.

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Why you should trade in Equity or cash market

We always recommend every trader who do not have the experience till now or have low trading capital that he/she should use trading in this segment (CASH MARKET NSE ) as a beginner and once you are trading comfortably and have increased your capital too then you can try other advance segments like F&O etc as per your risk appetite .

15 Days Trial

Rs 10,000
  • 1-2 calls
  • Only Intraday calls
  • Day trading Strategies
  • Money Management Software

1 Month

Rs 15,000
  • 1-2 Calls
  • 100% Intraday
  • Day Trading Strategies
  • Money Management Software

2 Months Offer

Rs 25,000 / Month
  • 1-2 Calls
  • 100% Intraday Trading Tips
  • Advance Day Trading Strategies
  • Free Money Management Software
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