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HNI Trading Tips HNI Stocks Tips Plan

Ultimate Motive of this plan is to provide Highest possible accuracy with Proper Risk Management , so that HIGH VOLUME Traders can Earn with the guidance of our Adviser

Best Plan for HNI Traders and Full Time Traders , If You want to earn the Profit With Low Risk , then you should join this package as we have the highest favorable Risk and Reward in this Plan..

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HNI Trading Tips

Plan's Features

  • 2 – 5 Calls Daily , You can easily diversify your fund in these calls and can get benefits from each and every call .
  • The R:R Ratio ( Risk Reward Ratio) will be upto 1:1 to 1:5
  • It means if you are taking risk of 4000 in a call then there there is a probablity of getting profit upto 4000 to 20,000 in that call
  • We have achieved a high level of accuracy in this plan till now.
  • 100% Intaday Calls , No STBT , BTST , Positional Calls. No Overnight Risk With High Volume. No Overnight Tension
  • Specialized and One to One Support will be Provided to every Client.
  • Free Money Management Software will also be Provided , Every Professional traders use these types of Softwares.
  • The Day Trading strategies will also be taught to every Trader so that you Will Start Trading Without Emotions just Like A Machine and you will start thinking like a Professional Trader .
  • Our Strategies Will Boost Your Confidence With The Right Path (So That You Will Never Become Over Confident).
  • Support & Resistance Messages will be provided daily
  • 9 AM to 3.30 AM Telephonic + Online Support through Whatsapp
  • Calls are sent by WhatsApp Or SMS all over India
  • Please fill out this form so that we can see whether you are eligbile to join this plan or not .
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    How HNI Plan is different from other

    This Plan is suitable for those traders who have trading capital more than 5 lakh as we provide many calls at a time in stock future and cash market , the calls are highly accurate and there is a need of more capital to trade these calls perfectly , So if you have 5 lakh or more than only this plan is suitable for you.

    We mostly use Bracket Orders or Cover orders for this Plan so that you can utilize more margins for Intraday using these orders and you can work with smooth order flow and can have an idea of algo Trading too.

    What is the Main Difference with other advisors

  • The Tips Will Be From 85% from Stock Futures & 15% fromEquity .
  • You will be able to calculate, how many Shares Or Lots You Should Use For each Trade and how much profit you should cover on each target.
  • The Number of Calls can be increased upto 6-7 Calls Per Day too (Depends Upon Your Capital and Risk Appetite) and if market is good and providing more opportunities with favorable risk and Reward then we don’t miss those opportunities .
  • You should have low brokerage to get more profits from the same call that is why we will prefer you to have a discount broker , You can open the account with any broker of your choice as we do not have any tie up with any broker.
  • Live Market Calls and Pre- Market calls Both Types of Tips may be Provided as per market condition.
  • Sometime 2 Targets achived in the same days, and we can decide to carry the position for the next day ( if market is highly suitable ) therfore the last target is for Positional traders ( which is completely Optional) If You want you can carry the position or if you do not want to take the delivery then you can Book 50% Profits on 1st Target and 50% Profits on 2nd Targets in Intraday Trading.
  • Please complete our Risk Profile form so that we can decide whether this plan will suits you or not , otherwise we will suggest you another plan as per your risk taking capacity .
  • 15 Days Trial

    Rs 30,000
    • 2-5 Calls
    • 100% Intraday Trading Tips
    • Advance Day Trading Strategies
    • Free Money Management Software

    1 Month

    Rs 49,000
    • 2-5 Calls
    • 100% Intraday
    • Advance Day Trading Strategies
    • Free Money Management Software
    Payment Details
    Activation Procedure
    • Top Level Advisor
      Payment Options

      Select the Package and Pay the Required Fee  :

      • We accept payments by bank to bank Fund Transfer , NEFT / IMPS / RTGS / Cheque / DD or UPI  (We dont accept Cash )

             You can Pay us by Google Pay

      • Fill up the Activation Form after payment to activate your account.
      UPI = Beststockstips@icici
    • Activation Procedure
      Activation Procedure
      • Select the plan
      •  Fill the Form for Risk Profiling.
      • Once Risk Profiling Approved.
      • Make the payment.
      • Fill up the Activation form & update KYC Formalities.
      • Account will be activated after realisation of Payment and KYC.
      • You will start getting Recommendations or Tips by Whatsapp .
      • You will get User ID and Password.
      • Then You can Download our software.
      • You will have permission to access our secure server pages to learn our.
      • Day Trading Strategies
      • Money Management Techniques
      Whatsapp +91 987 0250 956
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