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Bank Nifty Options Tips Premium Options Calls

Premium options plan is designed for those traders who want to catch the big movements of bank nifty , We trade very aggressively in banknifty options to get high profit with low risk .

You can use 10 lots or higher than that easily as our stoploss is very small and we manage the risk properly.

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bank nifty
Get the Highest Accuracy calls in options

Premium Bank Nifty Options Tips (Index Options)

Plan's Features

  • 100% Intraday Tips for Bank Nifty option with high Accuracy.
  • Required Trading Capital is minimum 1 lakh .
  • Shortest Stoploss of options will be provided as it is better to not to trade than to use a big stoploss in stock market .
  • We love to use the smallest stoploss whichever is possible , around 30 points to 50 whereas other advisors provide the stoploss of 100-150 points.
  • For Example : Buy Banknifty 24000 W PE above 530 SL 500 T 600,800 (other advisors will give the SL of 400 or 350 in this type of call )
  • You will get 1-3 tips daily for Bank Nifty options , but all calls will come only one by one, so it will be very easy to trade as only one call will be open at a time.
  • Nifty options calls are rarely given in this plan, only 3-4 times in a month as Banknifty has more movement so we always try to capture the movement of Banknifty options for big profits.
  • This plan is very useful for an options trader who wants to use more than 5 lots*
  • These are intraday calls , so there is No overnight position, No Tension with huge volume.
  • You have to book profit as 50% on 1st target and 50% on the 2nd target in our trading tips , we avoid giving single target because these traders miss the big movement most of the time and they are unable to book maximum profit with higher success rate.
  • We will also provide you a Software for Money management and Advance day trading strategies for Options trading from us (absolutely free) in this plan.
  • We will provide you a Proper stop loss as per your risk appetite in trading options in intraday bank nifty calls.
  • Mostly Weekly contracts are given with In the money strike price 
  • You should have low brokerage for Options (call and put) and if they have a Bracket order facility then it will be very good.
Latest Performance
How this plan is different from basic Plan

This plan is only for Good Volume traders as we concentrate more on accuracy and Profit ratio, such as Risk and Reward , Payoff ratio etc , We know that you might not be familiar with some of the terms which we have mentioned over here , but you will be very happy after joining this plan. 

  • We provide banknifty options tips in this plan and only 3-4 days are there in which you can nifty options calls 
  • Basic plan is designed only for small traders and premium plan is for good volume traders 
  • Premium plan has more number of calls 
  • This plan can provide you much higher profit as compared to basic plan because you are getting more opportunities and banknifty has more movement as compared to nifty.
  • Most of the calls will be completed in First hour of the market because Market has a good movement in the first hour and we always try to capture it , so 9 AM to 11 AM are very important hours for trading in options.
How we are different from other advisors

The main difference is that We do not give the tips like others
For Example : Buy XYZ above 290 SL 250 T (Suppose T1 = 340, T2= 430)
You get the call when it is on their first target of 320-330 , and after some time you get the message to book partial profits on 340, how can you book? when you just get the SMS when it is already around 330.
This is a completely unethical practice done by some FAKE Advisors , which is a complete waste of time and money.
But we are different completely as You will get our tips well before the time , Approx 5 min to 10 min time ago from the trigger point , It means you will get the XYZ call when it is trading around 260-280 , so it is very easy to buy it above 290.
* We will give you updates  for modifying stoploss, the target for 50% profit booking, and target for 100% profit booking in the Options segment.

INR 35,000
  • 1-3 High Quality Calls Daily
  • 100% Intraday Trading Tips
  • Advance Day Trading Strategies
  • Free Money Management Software
2 Months
INR 55,000
  • Discount of 15,000/-
  • 100% Intraday
  • Advance Day Trading Strategies
  • Free Money Management Software
Combo / 1 Month
INR 55,000
  • Discount of 15,000/-
  • 2-6 Calls Daily
  • More Calls = More Opportunities
  • Diversification Reduce Risk
  • Add any other Premium plan
  • All Strategies and Software
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